Our spirits are always made from freshly harvested grains as local as we can find them.

We mill all of our grains on site immediately before cooking., similar to grinding coffee beans just before brewing a cup.  

Our first choice is always to use locally grown grains.  When we have ehausted our sources in Humboldt County, we expand our search throughout California and then Oregon as needed. 

Please enjoy learning more about the farmers we work with below.


Laurence and Lisa Hindley are the first farmers we worked with.  

We have used The Hindley's Hollis hard red wheat and Alturas soft white wheats in our Clear Whiskey and we have these varietals barrel aging as well. 

Hindley Ranch is in the Mattole Valley is simply stunning and just 80 miles from our distillery.  

This is a 4th generation family ranch established in 1872!

All of the Hindley's grains are always grown organically and completely chemical free. 

In addition to farming in Honeydew, Laurence is a master mechanic and owns and operates the Farm Shop in Ferndale.   Lisa is the Superintendent of Entries and Exhibits at the Humboldt County Fair. 



If you have ever had a conversation about grains in Humboldt County, John's name most likely was mentioned.  

John has a wealth of knowledge about our "local grain economy" (term coined by our favorite local baker Beck's Bakery!) and he is extremely enthusiastic and generous in sharing what he knows.  

John's family owns Camp Grant Ranch, located in Southern Humboldt along the Avenue of the Giants just 54 miles from our distillery. John also has property in Lake County where he grows his Rye. John always grows organically and completely chemical free. 

We have used John's Glee hard red wheat and his AGS-104 rye!  We are excited John has started growing Gazelle rye as well!  Look for it in our Whiskies in the future.


This is a third generation Organic family farm owned by brothers Ray and Tom Williams and their wives Melinda and Penny.

This historic farm has been in full production for over 60 years and transitioned to Organic back in the 1990s.

Dairy cows provide fertilizer for organic pumpkins, butternut squash, popcorn, beans and of course grains.

Williams Hudson Bay Farm's Buck Pronto hard red wheat was the base for our first batch of Genever Style Gin.


This third generation family farm is located southwest of Junction City, Oregon.

This gorgeous farm is 2700 acres and produces forage and turf grasses, clover, meadowfoam, vegetable and cover crop seeds, lentils, beans and grains.

We used Hunton's certofied Organic Gazelle rye in our Clear Whiskey and Bourbon recipes and have a batch barrel aging as well. 

The Huntons also own and operate The Camas County Mill. Their stone milled flour is sold to bakeries and restaurants around the country. They also have their own bakery at the farm, where locals can drop by for fresh treats 5 days a week.

Amy’s favorite thing about this farm is the Lower Fern Ridge Schoolhouse.   The Hunton’s lovingly saved this 125 year old treasure being turned into scrap wood and restored to its original beauty.  A 93 year old local named Lewis Bailey had attended the Fern Ridge School and told the Hunton’s that he had tucked a note into a wall on his last day of classes.  Sure enough one day Tom noticed a small piece of paper wedged into the wall.  It said “My name is Lewis and I don’t want to go to high school.”  The Hunton’s surprised Lewis with this note at the unveiling of their restored schoolhouse and have a framed copy on the wall for all to enjoy. 



The Love Farm is a 20 acre parcel near Lakeport in Lake County.  Teale Love is a retired fire fighter from Healdsburg with a passion for growing things.   After years of hard labor growing vegetables he switched his main focus to grain farmer to let a machine do more of the heavy lifting! 

Teale and his wife still enjoy growing peaches and raspberries on their hilly 20 acres in Kelsyville, CA.  They also have 3 greenhouses that house goldfish and koi, vegetables, and an innovative aquaponics system which grows strawberries and leafy greens.  They sell their produce through Lake County Organics Plus.

Teale has supplied us with beautiful organically grown Triticale which is a hybrid of wheat and rye.  It is currently aging in a barrel!