Our Bourbon starts with certified organic, non GMO corn.

Our corn is either yellow, white, blue or red. It is always California-grown and as sourced as close as our distillery as possible.

We freshly millour corn with local wheat and rye just before cooking for optimal freshness.

Boldt Bourbon is always single batch, single barrel and aged a minimum of 2 years.



Each Cereal Killer Whiskey features a single grain Whiskey aged in a single barrel.

Varietals include 100% Wheat, 100% Rye and 100% Triticale. As always grains are sourced as locally as possible.

Boldt Cereal Killer are straight Whiskies aged for 2 years in a full sized 60 gallon charred barrels.


Our Gin starts with a base of our Boldt Clear Whiskey.   We did not want to strip this freshly milled grain flavor... rather we allow it to costar with the botanicals.  The result is a Genever style Gin... often referred to as a Whiskey-lovers Gin. 

Our botanical blend includes the traditional flavors of Juniper and Star Anise as well as some unique, local flavors such as fresh redwood needle tips.

Boldt Genever style Gin is barrel rested for a minimum of 50 days before being bottled.


We are so excited about our collaboration with Los Bagels! We have successfully made Whiskey using their organic, day old bagels.

Talk about creative re-use! And 100% of the spent mash goes to local pigs.

Thanks to A Nutter Story for the video and The historic Minor Theatre for airing this video as part of their "Community Spotlight" series.

This will be a distillery-only release. Available at our open house Friday December 13th, 2019



Did you know all spirits come off the still clear as water?  It is true... even if we distilled purple potatoes or red corn!

It is the barrel aging process that gives Whiskey it's amber color.   Clear, unaged spirits put into a barrel interact with the charred barrel wood which greatly influences the color, smell and taste of the finished product.

In the beginning we didn’t have any aged Whiskey and were not interested in “sourced whiskey” that we would purchase in bulk and put our label on.

We made the decision to debut Boldt Clear Whiskey as our first spirit. while waiting for our barrels to come of age.

Each bottle is filled with a single grain, locally grown and freshly milled just before cooking. The spirit then briefly touches oak (a legal requirement) before going straight to the bottle.

Many of our customers and bars/restaurants choose to highlight this spirit as a mixer in cocktails.

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