Did you know all distilled spirits start off clear as water?  It is true... even if we distilled purple potatoes or red corn!

It is the barrel aging process that gives Whiskey it's amber color.   Clear, unaged spirits put into a barrel interact with the charred barrel wood which greatly influences the color, smell and taste of the finished product. 

We certainly have Whiskey aging in barrels including our favorite varietal Bourbon.   While we are patiently waiting for our barrel rested spirits, we are proud to keep our Clear Whiskey on shelves.

There are only 4 ingredients in our Clear Whiskey;

·       Filtered water reinfused with select minerals

·       Locally grown and freshly milled grains

·       Enzymes that help convert our starches into sugars

·       Yeast straight from the heart of Bourbon Country

We are proud to say this was Humboldt County's first Whiskey!

Each batch is 100% of a single grain.  

Varietals include; Soft White Alturas Wheat, Hard Red Hollis Wheat, Gazelle Rye and AGS-104 Rye.


Genever style Gin

Our barrel aged Genever Style Gin debuted August 2016

·       A traditional Gin typically starts with a neutral base such as Vodka.  

·       Our Gin starts with a base of our Boldt Clear Whiskey.   We did not want to strip this freshly milled grain flavor... rather we allow it to      costar with the botanicals.  The result is a Genever style Gin... often referred to as a Whiskey-lovers Gin. 

·       Our botanical blend includes the traditional flavors of Juniper and Star Anise as well as some unique, local flavors.

 ·      Our Genever style Gin is barrel rested for a minimum of 50 days before being bottled.


Straight Whiskey and Bourbon- AVAILABLE JUNE 2018 AND BEYOND


We released our first aged Whiskey in June 2018.  It was 100% local wheat from Hindley Ranch.  This was an exclusive distillery-only release and we sold out in less than two hours. 

Our second release was September 2018. It was a Straight Rye Whiskey. Many retailers have bottles available.

Our third aged Whiskey will be released November 2018. It is a Straight Triticale Whiskey.



Did you know all Bourbon is Whiskey but not all Whiskey is Bourbon?

Here are the legal requirements to call Whiskey a Straight Bourbon.

•        Produced in the United States

•        Mash bill that is at least 51% corn

•        Aged in new, charred Oak barrels

•        A minimum aging requirement of 2 years.

•        If aged less than four years the Bourbon must state the age of the spirit on the bottle


Corn is the one grain we do not currently have access to in Humboldt County so we were forced to source outside of our area. 

We are thrilled to have found a California corn that is organically grown & certified by the NON-GMO project.  

We cooked up our first batch of Bourbon on Amy's birthday- March 12th, 2017.

We will let it barrel age for a minimum of 2 years as required by law, then dump & bottle it on March 12, 20??



White Corn grown in Woodland, CA- 280 miles from Alchemy

Gazelle Rye grown in Junction City, OR- 318 miles from Alchemy

Hollis Wheat grown in Honeydew, CA- 75 miles from Alchemy

Glee Wheat grown in Redcrest, CA- 47 miles from Alchemy


Los Bagels Whiskey- AVAILABLE 2019

We are so excited about our collaboration with Los Bagels! We have successfully made Whiskey using their day old bagels.  Talk about creative re-use!  And 100% of the spent mash goes to local pigs.  Thanks to A Nutter Story for the video and The historic Minor Theatre for airing this video as part of their "Community Spotlight" series..