We always strive to do

the right thing!


·       Our grains are sourced as locally as possible

·       with the majority grown less than 80 miles from our distillery

·       All of our distilling equipment is made in America

·       We have a 3,000 gallon water recovery/chiller tank that recirculates our water (instead of running City water for hours on end). This         tank was upcycled from our neighbors Arcata Scrap & Salvage!

·       We offer bulk water, cocktails & juice for the kids

·       We serve reusable tasting, water and cocktail glasses

·        We offer locally made blown glass straws

·       We use cloth napkins & rags

·       100% of our spent mash is donated to pigs (Over 13,000 gallons over the past year!)

·       We are proud to have zero waste in our distilling process!

·       All of our merchandise is American Made  & sourced as locally as possible (mostly in Arcata & Eureka)

·       We recycle and compost everything we can